Tuesday, August 18, 2009

An Introduction to Uxbridge

This entry is the response to Short Answer #2 on the MIT blogging application. But here’s the thing. I made a video to introduce everyone to the countless exciting things in Uxbridge. I did. And even though when I put it together it was only about 2MB’s, after I saved it and tried to upload it, it magically became about 66MB’s. And that means it would take two hours to upload, when I need to submit everything in forty-four minutes. Doesn’t quite fit. This leaves me in a dire situation. As I am no longer able to upload a video, the only other option is to use photos. I am not in the habit of running around town taking pictures because there’s really nothing to take pictures of. So I am posting the only three pictures I have of my humble town.


SANY0109 SANY0114 SANY0116

This is a town joke and actually is probably the most interesting, or at least the most amusing, thing in Uxbridge. Both Pleasant St and, even more fittingly, Maryjane Ave are small roads off of High St. I wonder what kind of guy named these streets…

So I apologize that you won’t have the opportunity to watch the thrilling masterpiece I created specially for you, but this is the best I am able to do. I will try to upload the video anyways and if it works, you’ll still be able to watch it.

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